• We engage every OD practice in your market.

    An incredibly efficient, "No Stone Unturned" market-wide audit.


    We leverage our sales skills, experience, and an approach we've honed at Turf to access ODs at a incredibly high rate.


    We have meaningful conversations with ODs (not the staff) to uncover what's important.

    Here's just one example of 1,000s of OD encounters:

    • The OD previously referred sparingly to our client.
    • Turf had a different kind of conversation with the optometrist, engaging him the right way. 
    • We uncovered the barrier preventing referrals and put the ophthalmologist (our client) in position to address it.
    • Together, we won him over.  Our client reports he's now referring over 100 cataract patients a year.

  • Sometimes, we rule out ODs

    This is incredibly useful. Most marketing reps would continue to visit this practice, drop off brochures, and invite the OD to CE events — to absolutely no end.

  • Experience matters.

    With decades of sales experience and experience in ophthalmology and optometry, Turf knows how to have the right conversation that moves referral business forward.


    We even built our own CRM-like app (Radius) because managing a referral business in Excel is insane.

    Radius puts your entire referral market in your hand. Notes from encounters. Tasks and to-dos in one place for the entire practice to see. And best of all, no more Excel.

  • What we're about, in a nutshell:

    "As a OD in private practice, I was highly impressed when I talked with Steve [from Turf], representing the surgeons at EVO. He was interested in learning about my practice and needs when it comes to referring patients.


    I look for 3 key things: An excellent surgeon with great outcomes and advanced technology. 2: Great communication during the referral process. 3: A mutual understanding that I desire to be involved with the management in the care of my patients, most of which are considered family to me.


    Previous to this, I had never met the surgeons at EVO, and I since have found them to hit the mark on all 3.


    I am thankful that Steve Nasson set up an opportunity for me to meet Dr. McKee and Dr. Kao. Without this approach and program, I may have never had such great partners in the care of my patients."


    Frank Akers, OD

    2018 AZ Optometrist of the Year

    Past President AZ Optometric Association

  • We've grown exclusively by word of mouth. Here are some of those words.

    “Turf was absolutely worth it and we more than recouped our investment in the first 6 months. Now, we're in our third year working together."

    Paul Singh, MD

    “We were impressed with how the Turf team audited our market, showed us where the opportunities were, and helped us establish new relationships with ODs who had not referred patients to our practice. Turf is a valuable, ongoing extension of our practice.”

    Dustin McKnight, MD

    “We have partnered with Turf over the past 2+ years, as we have continued to see our referral network grow. Turf has opened doors for our practice growth, and continues to do so.”

    John Odette, MD

    “I’m a Turf Partner client and couldn’t be more satisfied with their approach, effort, and results. Their program is well-thought out and well executed. And the Turf team is a blast to work with. A true partnership.”

    Michael Graham, MD

    "One aspect of the Turf program I love is Radius. With Radius, I can quickly look at information on any doctor in our market, see what the last interaction was, and easily assess next steps to further develop the relationship.” 

    Jennifer Loh, MD

    “Seriously the best investment for my practice in years. A total no-brainer. Turf has a unique ability to connect with referring doctors and is a valuable extension of my practice.”

    Jared Younger, MD

    “If you want to know where the opportunity is in your market, and turn that opportunity into referral volume, work with Turf. I’m working with referrers I had never met previously and it’s having a significant impact on my business.”

    Anthony Roberts, MD

    “The old way wasn’t working. We wouldn’t have figured out a new way to talk to our OD colleagues without Turf.”

    Darryl White, MD

    “We recently opened an office in a new area, and decided to work with Turf to help us get rolling. While I’m sometimes skeptical of outside consultants, Turf has pleasantly exceeded my expectations in terms of both process and outcome.”

    Jesse McKey, MD

    “As a well-established practice, Turf has been a great enzyme to re-kindle and establish new optometric relationships that promote what’s best for the patient.”

    Tim Hanley, MD

    “From Day 1, they uncovered significant referral opportunities in my market. Their program has driven a considerable volume of surgical patients to my practice. You would be hard pressed to find somebody who can do what they do.”

    David Krebs, MD

    “As a very busy solo physician and practice CEO, it made a ton of sense to partner with Turf. Their ability to audit my entire market and engage optometrists has resulted in more relationships, surgical procedures, and revenue. Working with Turf has proven to be a worthwhile decision for me.”

    Jeff Sanderson, MD

    “With a unique ... approach and emphasis on identifying issues important to optometrists ... Turf has helped my practice build new referral sources and co-management relationships in new markets. Even where we already have long established referral bases, Turf has been able to identify areas of improvements and expand existing referral pattern.”

    Jerry Hu, MD

    “You guys are awesome and extremely helpful in developing our practice!.”

    Donny Reeves, MD

  • Know, Like & Trust

    It’s an adage we came up on in our careers: people want to work with people they know, like and trust. This is true in eye care — optometrists will refer to and collaboratively manage patients with surgeons they know, like and trust.


    And it’s true in our business — we want to work with clients with whom we can establish a meaningful, lasting relationship … and who want the same from us.

  • No stone unturned

    We have an incredibly strong orientation towards execution. When we engage with a client, we truly leave no stone unturned in the effort to uncover opportunity. Whether it’s rapidly designing a new software feature, making two more sales calls, or setting up one more appointment for our client, we go the extra two miles.


    Our clients are continually impressed by the scope and depth of what we accomplish in a short period of time.

  • Teams win

    We love teams. Teams reflect selflessness, accountability, and communication. Goal achievement feels 10X better when you’re part of a group that was committed to the vision and shared the risk of failure.


    Turf’s management are all former collegiate and semi-professional athletes who understand the power of teams and the power of winning as a team. Simply put, we hate to lose and, to us, this absolutely is an asset. Each of our clients joins the Turf team, and we work extremely hard to win together for our clients.

  • Transparency

    Shooting straight is in the DNA of each of Turf’s founders. We’re in the business of helping to build relationships, so there’s no room for anything other than honesty, facts, and trust. We ask for and expect transparency from our clients, employees and, most importantly, ourselves.


    We feel this is part of the reason so many of our clients stand-up as references for us, and speak highly of our company and us as individuals.

  • Let's talk about your needs and how we can help you Own Your Turf.